Series of 18 prints, 6 at 40×26 in and 6 at 11x6in

The works assembled here are in conversation with the history of a professional Jewish basketball team in Philadelphia, the SPHAs, and the social dances they would hold after their games on the ballroom floor of The Broadwood Hotel between 1932 and 1949.

This series considers how communal choreographies of competition, play, and dance are entangled by using consciously dated techniques of typewriting and blind embossed printing. The typing introduces historical context through lists, concrete poetry, and experimental textual drawing, while the prints act as ghostly images of objects no longer present. Together, the image and the text turn away from the dominant historiography of a team, the event, and its traces while speculating on the unthinkable potentials within. The potentials are memories of the impossible, where cruising and interethnic intimacy thrives undetectably in the shared site of sport and dance.

The installation includes The Broadwood Suite, a film in 5 movements.

Photo: Anna Neighbor, Haigen Peterson