The Broadwood Suite

4K Single Channel Video, 22 minutes

The Broadwood Suite is a video installation that engages the history of a professional Jewish basketball team in Philadelphia and the social dances they would hold after their home games  on the ballroom floor of The Broadwood Hotel between 1933 and 1947. Now, the site is a parking garage.

The film takes the form of a musical suite in 5 movements and offers an alternative to the dominant historical narrative. With a focus on absence, surfaces, and missing partners, the film is a sensuous play with the latent possibilities and intimacies that circulate in the memory of these gatherings. Choreographies of sport, social dance, and the city move in this visual album and speculative ethnography, where the viewer is invited and ultimately trusted to use imagination to associate into new meanings.

Directed, edited, and produced by Rudy Gerson
Featuring: Rudy Gerson, Rachel Gottfried-Clancy, Jacob Kose, Daniel Stern, Gabe Seamon, Ronnie Schmertz
Camera Operators: Ty Burdenski, Rudy Gerson, Catching On Thieves, lexi welch
Sound Mixing, Engineering, Mastering: Dot Rose Levine
Original Music Direction and Composition: Dan Blacksberg
Original Music Composition: Ira Kohen Temple, Michael Winograd  

Support for The Broadwood Suite has been provided by The Sachs Program for Arts Innovation, Raymond and Ruth Brenner Grant in Jewish Studies of the University of Pennsylvania, the Center for Experimental Ethnography, Scribe Video Center