Untitled (brass)

Untitled (under god), 2022
brass and brass hardware
144” x 1” x 3”

Untitled (in three parts), 2022
brass and brass hardware
3 at 144” x 1” x 8”

Untitled (reflex), 2022
brass, brass hardware, a corner
144" x 1" x 1"

This work offers an ambivalent intervention on the semiotics of nationalism and the symbols that help construct it. Both playful and foreboding, this work sidesteps the question of the flag and takes up its framing devices, namely the pole and its ornamental top. Within vexillology, or the study of flags, the finial is a relatively unexamined decorative element of a flag’s presentation. This work suspends and exaggerates, using sounding objects and sonic material (brass) in an austere and quiet manner to offer a question and a critique of poles, ornaments, and procession.