Julie Tolentino
Performance, 4 hours

A four-hour group durational performance experiment with Maxime Cavajani, Ghida Dalloul, Mae Eskenazi, Julie Fowells, Rudy Gerson, shawné Michaelain Holloway, Abdul-Aliy A Muhammad, Vy Trinh, and lexi welch.

Etched into eight, thirty minute audience intervals, this working experiment engages the complexity of proximity and critical touch by exploring themes like haptic embodiment, pressured engagement and coalition eros, seeking forms of engaged agency, refusal, and renewal. The masked group enmeshes its built, broken, and blurred interiority with the emergence of collective propositions and intramural language(s).

Innervated by local artists and a live synthesized violinist, ON TOUCH feels through the politics of touch, pressure, and support as it vibrates through movement work, disability justice, kink, erotics, and withdrawal towards sustained intimacy. In this shifting environment, members hold (and evoke) space for past and future others—unfolding into a necessarily incomplete group dynamic, group engagement.

Photo: Ricky Yanas