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Rudy Gerson (b. 1993, Las Vegas, NV, USA) is an artist in search for mediums and methods to approach the force of erotics in memory and public life. Though print, still and moving image, text, and performance, works are made in the grammar of print and coalesce in a post-documentary practice intended to complicate expectations of historical inquiry and testimony, intentions differently but relatedly expressed in Black study, queer life, and Jewish interpretive traditions.

Alongside a studio practice, Gerson has collaborated with artists and performers for stage and exhibition, having had work at Abrons Arts Center (2019, Jonathan González; 2022, Slauson Malone), LMCC's River-to-River festival (2022, Jonathan González), BRIC (2022, Jonathan González) and has performed for Tania Bruguera (2018) and Julie Tolentino (2023). Rudy studied Comparative Literature and Anthropology at Cornell University (B.A.) and holds an MFA from the University of Pennsylvania. Rudy is a FOB holder at Second State Press in Philadelphia. 

Selected writing:

A Sourcebook for Performance Labor
Routledge, Joey Orr, 2023

Transposing Diasporas: Interveiw with David Hartt
PRTCLS, 2021

Critical Correspondance: EmmaGrace Skove-Epes and Jonathan González
Movement Research, 2019